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First time in Sarajevo? Want to discover sights that are not covered by other tours? Our Free Tour is the right choice! Join us in an insightful, fun-filled and informative walk about history, society, architecture and what Bosnians are actually like. Discover and experience our city through the eyes of the Insiders who will bring to life the city's past and present. You can decide how much what you saw and heard was worth so your tip will be the only reimbursement to the Insider’s guide. Nonetheless, your smile and happy face will be the greatest compliment to our work.

Latin Bridge, At-Mejdan, Emperor's Mosque, Town Hall, Bravadziluk, Kazandziluk, Bascarsija, Caravan Saray, Ghazi Husrev Bey's Mosque, Ghazi Husrev Bey's Madrasah and Library, Ghazi Husrev Bey's Bazaar, Jewish Quarter and synagogues, Cathedral, Synod Orthodox Church