Tito's Bunker

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In the era of ww2 a new hero was on the raise, his name was Josip Broz. A charismatic political and military leader who became a key member of the allies. He bent the rules of the cold war, and complied to no one.Josip Broz, with an iron fist built a country based on brotherhood and unity. In Yugoslavia, Whether you liked it or not, he was the one and only Tito!Get into the secret underground world of one of the most controversial leader of the 20th century. Get the Insider scoop of the life of Tito and how he ruled over the country for four decades. Learn all about the picture perfect leader, and the imperfect life he led. Discover all about the top secret Tito's Nuclear bunker that was built during the cold war era and the state of the art technology within. The reasons why it was built, how was it used, what happened to that Bunker during the unpeaceful collapse of Tito’s Yugoslavia.

Konjic and Tito's Bunker