Times of Misfortune - 3h


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This has been our most popular tour for the last couple of years. During this tour we will try to show you everything that Sarajevans lived through from 1992-1995. At the beginning, we drive to one of the most attractive panoramas of the city. From this place we will explain the siege of Sarajevo. We’ll visit the cemetery of heroes who unarmed stood for a defence of this town and gave their own lives for its freedom. Find out what it was like to live without food, water, electricity, gas, how the children were going to school and what was the cultural and the sports life. Try to understand the reason for shelling cemeteries, Olympic buildings, the Maternity...On this tour you’ll often hear the personal experiences of our guides which will be really something special. Learn more about the collapse of Yugoslavia, the war aims and plans of division of Bosnia and Herzegovina. While driving to the Tunnel Museum along the Sniper Alley, you’ll have the opportunity to hear the stories and comments given by the Insider. Upon arrival at the museum, you’ll pass through 20 m of the original tunnel and see the movie about the war in Sarajevo upon which the guide will explain the role of the tunnel during the siege, its construction, use method and will happily answer all your questions. Find out more about the role of UN forces in Sarajevo and their numerous mistakes committed in this war. On the way back to the town we drive through another entity, talk about the end of war, organization of the state and the current situation. This tour encompass second panorama and visit to another place from which the aggressor was terrorizing the inhabitants of Sarajevo.

Old Town , Sehid Cemetery , White Fortress-Panorama , Markale Market , B&H Presidency , Olympic buildings, Kosevo Stadium and Zetra Sport Hall , Maternity , National Museum , Marshal Tito Barracks, Sarajevo University Campus , Sniper Alley , Grbavica , Radio-Television Building , Ali-pasino polje , Oslobodjenje, Dnevni avaz , Stup I-lidza and Butmir , Sarajevo War Tunnel Museum , Sarajevo panorama