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The end of XV century in Europe was the end of peaceful life of one people. After the fall of Granada in 1492, began the persecution of Jews from Spain and Portugal. Find out how in the XVI century the Sarajevans got new neighbours – the Sephardim Jews and what was the life look like in Sijavus Pasha’s Quarter. What they used to do, what songs they sung, which specialities they used to prepare, what is the Ladino language?On this tour you can hear about all of this. The tour will tell you the story of the Jewish Community in Sarajevo, the story of Sephardim and Ashkenazim Jews, their life, happiness, suffering, persecution, place of their eternal resting and place of struggle with death and suffering.

Ashkenazim Synagogue, At-Mejdan, Latin Bridge, Town Hall, Bascarsija, Jewish Quarter and Sephardim Synagogues, Museum of Jews of BH, Bosnian Cultural Centre, Jewish Cemetery


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